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A new Intra-Dermal Injectable Hydrator (Juvéderm® VOLITE)

A skin booster

Skin. We tend to think of it only as a mirror that reflects our lifestyle from the inside out. But in fact, it’s an indicator of our emotional health, affecting us from the outside in. When our skin looks good, we feel great. And when it changes, so can the way we feel about ourselves.

How does it work?

This new intra-dermal hydrator (Juvéderm® VOLITE) is a minimally invasive injectable treatment, which delivers hyaluronic acid (HA) directly into the skin to improve its hydration and the appearance of fine lines. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the skin. When HA is delivered into the skin with, it combines with the water in your skin to hydrate and help remove fine lines. HA fillers are recognized to bring benefits to the skin; they may stimulate collagen production, leading to an improvement in skin smoothness and hydration.

How long will the results last?

The intra-dermal hydrator (Juvéderm® VOLITE) can improve hydration for up to nine months. It can be used for the face and neck. You may need a touch up after your treatment, so a follow-up consultation with your practitioner is always recommended.

How Can Treatment Improve Skin Smoothness and Hydration?

The intra-dermal hydrator (Juvéderm® VOLITE) improves hydration and the appearance of fine lines across three key areas:

  • Cheek (and lower cheek): By improving the hydration of the skin and gives a glow
  • Neck and décolleté: By evening out fine lines

Results are variable from patient to patient and depend on multiple variables that at addressed at the time of consultation.

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